We’re excited to announce the return of our popular anthropology course:

Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction.

Fully revised, updated, and imbued with a fresh emphasis on applying anthropological perspectives and methods to contemporary real-world challenges, this anthropology course will examine important themes in the study of human societies and behaviour.

From social organisation and belief systems to gender, sexuality and symbolism, we’ll draw from a range of ethnographic case studies to nurture a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity. By adopting a cross-cultural approach we’ll gain a fresh perspective on a range of local and global issues, while challenging some of our deepest social and cultural assumptions.

Participants can look forward to exploring a range of fascinating topics, including:

  • What is anthropology?
  • Essential anthropological concepts, terminology and theory
  • Social and cultural organisation
  • Marriage, family and kinship
  • Belief systems: ritual and religion
  • Sex, gender and sexuality
  • Political organisation and social control
  • Art and symbolism
  • Applied anthropology: addressing global challenges

As an introductory Level 3 course there will be no prerequisites to joining – registration will be open to anyone with a curious mind and an interest in social or cultural anthropology.

The course will be launching in Autumn 2023, and enrolment will open this August. Please join our mailing list or contact us if you’d like to receive updates and be notified when registration begins.

We can’t wait for you to join us.