An annual celebration of the best in teaching and learning is in full swing this week at globally-renowned Imperial College London. For 2021 the (very timely) conference theme is Rising to a healthy challenge: Building beyond blended, and there’s a distinctly digital twist to the proceedings. For the first time the conference is being held completely online.

What’s more, the event has been extended this year from what used to be a single-day gathering at South Kensington campus to what has now proudly been renamed Education Week – five days of keynotes, seminars and workshops sharing and showcasing the very best in educational practice.

And what conference would be complete without an array of colourful academic posters gracing the institutional walls?

This year our sister agency Akkadium Media was excited to partner with Imperial’s Educational Development Unit and Kunstmatrix digital tools to sponsor a 3D virtual gallery, featuring posters from some of the university’s most innovative researchers and teachers.

And the best part? This cutting-edge technology means that you don’t need to make a pilgrimage to the legendary Queen’s Tower to find out what Imperial’s educational innovators have been up to. You can explore the poster gallery right now, from right here – no face covering needed.

So, on behalf of Imperial College we invite you to enter the exhibition below, look around, and be inspired.