• Coveted and contested for millennia by both settlers and foreign powers, the island of Sicily is a rich and eclectic treasure trove of cultural heritage. This exciting course takes us through over 40,000 years of Sicilian culture, unfolding in the fertile volcanic landscape wrought by the omnipotent fury of Mount Etna. From fascinating glimpses of prehistoric peoples to the awe-inspiring architecture of the Classical and Norman periods, we explore the archaeological allure of this Mediterranean jewel. Descend into underground cities of the dead, study the ruins of Greek temples and Roman theatres, and marvel at the glittering opulence of historical kings as we explore the archaeology of Sicily – Alexis de Tocqueville's “land of gods and heroes”.
  • Join us for Archaeology of the British Isles, a fascinating introduction to the rich and diverse archaeology of Britain and Ireland. In this flexible, self-paced online course we investigate the material culture of peoples who have settled in Britain over the millennia from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Anglo-Saxon period, and we discover the significance of some of the most intriguing sites, monuments and artefacts they left behind. Following a broadly chronological framework through important periods, cultural influences and events in Britain, we engage with the latest archaeological research to glimpse life in past societies. Along the way, we follow a number of recurring themes like social structure, politics and power, settlement organisation, economics and religion – all of which have left tantalising traces in Britain's archaeological record. Our journey will nurture a fresh appreciation for the discipline of archaeology and for the unique contribution it makes to our understanding of the human story, in Britain and beyond.
  • Discover the discipline of archaeology and develop your expertise with this unique online course.

    Introducing Archaeology offers a broad introduction to the processes of investigating past societies. We examine a wide range of case studies from around the globe to discover the methods and techniques archaeologists use, and learn what they can tell us about how people lived and died in their ancient worlds. We gain fascinating insights into all of the key stages of an archaeological project: from the initial phases of research in libraries and archives, through processes of site survey and excavation, to the post-excavation analysis of artefacts and materials. We then adopt a global perspective to look at current threats to important archaeological sites around the world, and explore how you can get involved and make a meaningful contribution to this exciting discipline. This course is delivered entirely on our Online Campus and it is very flexible. You will work through the six modules at your own pace, and engage with the materials and activities any time that suits you. As a general guide, most students commit to between 2 and 3 hours per week of study time. The programme is designed as an introduction to archaeological principles and practice, so no prior knowledge or experience is required. If you do have some experience, there will be opportunities for you to build upon this by engaging more deeply with specific topics of interest. Never studied online before? All registered students get FREE access to our Preparing for Online Learning masterclass, to help you get the most out of your studies. All materials you need to complete Introducing Archaeology are included and provided online – you will not be required to purchase any books. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Level 3 Certificate of Completion in Archaeology: Sites, Artefacts, Theory and Practice. Please see below for further course details and syllabus.  
  • Ritual and magic have played a vital role in the development and structure of societies all over the world, and throughout human history. Shamans, sangomas, voodoo queens and high priestesses all hold important keys to our understanding of ritual practices and the use of magic in society. In this unique five-week online course we will embark on an anthropological journey through the supernatural world. Adopting a cross-cultural perspective, you will be guided week by week through the discovery and critical evaluation of rich anthropological, historical and archaeological evidence. Why has the supernatural been so important to us, and how has its relevance been embedded in, and expressed by, different cultures across time and space? To what extent are we still influenced by the spiritual realm in all of its various manifestations? We will seek answers to these questions by examining aspects of mythology, folklore and ritual practice that fascinate and challenge, glimpsing a realm of humanity that is at times both enlightening and terrifying.